LILLA is managed by a Board of Directors.

The Board meets every two months to discuss the strategy of LILLA and promote and improve diversity and inclusion.

The very first Board of Directors meeting took place on 6th February at Allen & Overy’s Luxembourg office.

LILLA’s Board of Directors is made up of fifteen women all working within the legal field, ranging from law firms to financial institutions and companies.

The current Board members are :

Mathilde Ostertag, Chairwoman

Neli Dimitrova, Vice-Chairwoman

Bénédicte Kurth, Treasurer

Marianne Bernou

Virginie Dobritch

Alexandra Slack

Delphine Danhoui

Pauline Jacquemin

Anne-Sophie Besancon

LILLA’s Board of Directors also appreciates the support of honorary member, Patrick Mischo.