20th March 2019 @ 6:30 pm
Les Rotondes
Place des Rotondes
2448 Luxembourg


LILLA is pleased to invite you, on behalf of the conference organiser, Time for Equality, to a conference with Paola Di Nicola criminal judge in the court of Rome (Italy), designated Woman Inspiring Europe for the year 2014 by the European Institute for Gender Equality.

The event has received the support of the Luxembourg Ministry for Equality between Women and Men and will be followed by a drink.

In dialogue with Paola, committed to the fight against stereotypes, themes such as violence against women, lawsuits concerning sexual violence, and the #metoo movement will be addressed.


“Women are using complaints of sexual violence to their advantage.” “She was looking for it.” “Women use sex to advance their careers.” “And, by the way, what were you wearing?”

These are some of the prejudices that our society has internalised. These prejudices neutralise women and perpetuate gender subjugation and discrimination in all sectors, but particularly in the legal sector, which is the sector in which everything remains as it has always been.

As a magistrate, Paola Di Nicola has decided to tackle this problem in courtrooms, a place where the truth should normally rein, but where too often stereotypes prevail.

Daughter of a renowned magistrate, very committed to the fight against terrorism, she grew up alongside her father’s colleagues, who frequented their home, and some of whom were killed by the mafia and terrorism “so that our democracy can become an accomplished democracy.” The lived experience of her family, in the shadow of the only possible model of magistrate, the male model, led her to follow the paternal path, not imagining that the toga of magistrate “may have a different value if worn by a man than by a woman”.

The conference is organised by Time for Equality as part of the Expressions of Humanity programme, in collaboration with the Rotondes and the Grand Duchess Charlotte Relief Society, with the support of Raoul Somers Photography. This event is co-organised with CID Fraen an Gender, in collaboration with the National Council of Women of Luxembourg, Libreria Italiana Lussemburgo, Passaparola Magazine, Radio Ara, the ASTI Intercultural Agency.

50% of the profits will be donated by Time for Equality to an association that is committed to gender violence.

The conference will be held in French and Italian with translation to French and English provided by ASTI.

20 March 2019


Rotondes, Place des Rotondes, 2448 Luxemburg

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