Join LILLA !

LILLA aims to bring women who work in the Luxembourg legal sector together.

LILLA is not only open to all female lawyers (associates, partners) in Luxembourg but also to all those who practise as jurists. Female support staff in the legal sector, notaries, clerks, as well as any female professionals who have a connection to the legal profession in Luxembourg are also welcome.

If you do not fall within any of these categories of women, please contact us ( to discuss what alternatives are available to support and benefit from LILLA’s work.

Will becoming a LILLA member make a difference?

Becoming a member of LILLA will help LILLA grow as an association, broaden our membership base and add to our perspectives, thereby making LILLA a stronger organisation, more able to offer you support in the areas you need and to better influence the gender equality debate in the Luxembourg legal field.

How do I become a member?

Applying for membership is easy!

1. Make the application by either:

(i) filling in the contact form (at the bottom of the page) and pressing ‘Send’; or

(ii) contacting us via email with your name, email and company (if applicable) to

2. Pay the membership fee.

Is the membership fee a one-off payment or an annual subscription?

Membership of LILLA – whether individual or corporate – is based on an annual subscription. As LILLA is a non profit organisation, an annual funding model makes LILLA’s work possible.

How much is the membership fee?

The current fee scale (which is currently under review) for membership of LILLA is as follows:

  • Individual member – EUR 50
  • Corporate membership – EUR 250

In the future, a tiered scale for corporate membership will be introduced based on the number of individual members covered by such corporate membership.

How do I make payment?

Please instruct your bank to make payment in the relevant amount to:

LILLA a.s.b.l.

Account number : LU91 0141 2584 6780 0000



Contact (membership application) Form

What are the consequences of becoming a LILLA member?

By becoming a member, you are agreeing:

Can I make a donation to LILLA?


LILLA wholeheartedly welcomes any donations, however big or small. All donations will be used to further LILLA’s work.

Please make donations to the LILLA bank account (details set out above).

We are currently working on ensuring that donations are tax deductible for donors, and hope to be able to confirm LILLA’s status in this regard shortly.

In the meantime, please contact us with any questions you have.