Welcome to Women's day questionnaire

Your answers to the questions below will help us to finalise the topic of our first Women in Law Legal Hackathon which will take place on 25 April 2019, in collaboration with ALJB (Association Luxembourgeoise des Juristes de droit Bancaire), and will therefore contribute to a better future for women in law in Luxembourg!

When completing the survey, please select the most intuitive answer. Although not compulsory, please do try to provide additional information in your responses where such additional information is requested.

The “Demographic Information” section will assist LILLA’s analysis of your responses and enable us to create statistics.

Even if not explicitly stated, all questions should be read as relating to the Luxembourg legal sector.

Your responses to the survey will be held securely and are anonymous.

Are you a female or a male?
What is your age?
What is your status in terms of seniority, e.g. junior, mid-level or senior, partner, other?
How many dependent children do you have?
Are there as many women as men in the management of your organisation?
Do you think women and men have the same opportunities for career development in legal positions in Luxembourg?
Do you feel there are barriers in terms of career progression for female workers in legal positions in Luxembourg?
Do you feel there are differences in terms of remuneration packages for equivalent positions and responsibilities for female legal workers in Luxembourg when compared to men in the same sector?
What do you consider are the most important things an organisation can offer in terms of personal development?
What does 'gender equality' in the legal sector mean for you?
What do you consider to be the main obstacles to gender equality in the workplace?
In your opinion, what are possible solutions to improve gender equality in the workplace?
At your workplace, do you have polices or guidelines in place in terms of gender equality and diversity?
If you were to experience or witness gender inequality in your workplace, what is in place to discuss and remediate it, e.g. a diversity officer?
Some countries have introduced quotas to enhance female representation at senior (board) levels in business (e.g. Norway). Should the workplace be regulated in order to promote gender complementarity (If yes, please specify how: Quotas? Sanctions (fines, public censure)? Other?)?
Iceland has adopted a law that forbids women to be paid less than man. Do you think this kind of law should be adopted in all countries?
In general, do you think that soft/hard law may be a good tool to reach the goal of gender equality?
If men were given more rights in terms of paternity (extend paternity leave, encourage parental leave for men, special days-off per parent for child sickness,…) do you think it would give more opportunities for women with children to focus on their careers and as a result enhance gender equality?

Thank you for participating in the LILLA (Ladies In Law Luxembourg Association) survey. LILLA, Ladies In Law Luxembourg Association a.s.b.l., is the first network of its kind for women working within the legal sector in Luxembourg, and aims to inspire women to rise!

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